1.) Please inform our staff if you have any medical problems or allergies that may affect the services.
2.) We strive to create a peaceful, relaxing environment for our clients to enjoy themselves in so we ask that you be mindful of your children's, and your phone's volume. Thank you!
3.) Please call if you're unable to keep your appointment. Your promptness is appreciated.
4.) We reserve the right to take the next client if you arrive 10 minutes late for your appointment. The next available nail technician will take you.
5.) The Last appointment on Monday-Friday is 6:30 pm. On Saturday-Sunday the last appointment is 5:00 pm.
6.) Please handle your belongings with care. We are not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen goods.
7.) There are no refunds. If clients are not satisfied for any reason, we will re-perform the service within 3 days.
8.) There is no guarantee for regular polish; gel manicures are guaranteed for at least 5 days.
9.) We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.
10.) Please make sure that you are satisfied with your color/ and your design before leaving your technician's station.